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Our Services

Sourcing & Consolidation

  1. Sourcing Management
    You need it we have got it!
    We cut across all flower needs ranging from Standard Roses, Spray roses, Summer flowers , from retail to wholesales categories.
    All your sourcing requirements will be met by Demaru.

  2. Consolidation process
    To save cost, we enable our customers and buyers' physical and paperwork consolidations.
    Through Demaru, you are able to reach all growers in Kenya and Kenyan Floral industry.

Quality and Logistics Management
We have quality experts who ensures that all sourced flowers meet your specifications and requirements as per your expectation.

Documentation Management
Demaru will offer Flower direct a whole documentation service as per the Flower direct requirements.

Fourth eye principle (Eye and ear on the ground - Market intelligence)
We will be able to give information such as:

  • Horticultural/Floricultural industry overview
  • Expansion and growth plan in the country and farms development updates.
  • Varieties under production and production areas.


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